Tylenol scholarship – For students of medical and health related fields

Tylenol scholarship – For students of medical and health related fields

Tylenol scholarship is available for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to pursue a degree in medical and health related fields. The applicant must be a resident of the 50 states, the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico, must have completed undergraduate or graduate course for at least one year or must be in the final year of high school. Employees of Specialty Pharmaceuticals and McNeil are not allowed to apply for this scholarship. The winners of the previous year can also not apply. The award money that is distributed among winners is $10,000 among 10 students and $5,000 in 30 students.

The total award money that is given through this scholarship program is $250,000. The decision is made in the month of July and the scholarship money is given by the month of September of the same year. Any student who has the desire to apply for this scholarship must submit the completely filled out application form before deadline. The application form will be available for applicants in January and the deadline is mid May. The applicant has to submit the academic transcript and write an essay along with the application form.

Academic and leadership performances are two main criteria on which the selection of winners of the Tylenol scholarship is based. The applicant must have selected a medical or health related degree like medicine, pharmacy, nursing or health education and administration. The student must have completed one year of the degree course or must have at least one year remaining for the completion. The students can avail the opportunity to win this scholarship for only one time in their academic years. The winners are not allowed to reapply.

Since the rising cost of education is alarming and people are getting worried about their academic future and dream career, these scholarships are made available for students who wish to pursue education in specific field or go for the mainstream subjects. Tylenol scholarship is one of the specific scholarships that students pursuing degree in medical and healthcare field of education can opt. The students must go through the details of the program and then apply successfully.

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