TN Hope Scholarship – A Good Opportunity for Undergraduate Students

The TN hope scholarship program provides an opportunity for students to receive financial support for their education. There is a lottery scholarship program that is also introduced with the only intention that more and more students are encouraged to complete their higher education. Usually it has been observed that students do not accomplish their education because of the lack of sufficient finances or they discontinue the education because they need to take the responsibility of their family and get employed to accomplish their needs. Though reasons are different, financial crunch is the common one.

However, with the help of scholarships and grants many students have been able to complete higher education and this has enabled them to get highly paid jobs in return. Acquiring degree of higher education helps the student to gain knowledge and enhance their acquaintance and awareness in different fields. Although there are many people who have come to know the importance of education, there still needs a lot of awareness among people. Today, even adults, who have discontinued their education, can complete their education or upgrade it with the help of financial assistance offered by government and various non government agencies.

There are very few and basic requirements that have to be fulfilled by the applicant of TN hope scholarship program. The applicant has to be a resident of the state. If you have been residing in the state one year prior to attending the college, you are also eligible to apply for this scholarships program. Along with this, you need to have GPA of at least 3.0, scored at least 21 in the ACT and 980 in SAT tests.  The award money is $2,000 for the student who has opted for 2 year degree course and $4,000 for those who have opted for four year degree courses.

Even if you receive the TN hope scholarship award money, you have to maintain your academic records throughout your degree course. Regardless of the requirements and expectations, this scholarship program is a good opportunity for students who are dedicated and committed to complete their education and is worth applying too.

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