SLU Presidential Scholarship – For Exemplary Student Leader of Campus

SLU presidential scholarship is a full tuition award given to students to complete their four year degree course. This award is given to those students who demonstrate excellent leadership qualities in the campus of the Saint Louis University. For this scholarship candidacy, the applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.85 or higher as well as score at least 30 on the ACT test or 1330 on the SAT test. You have to fulfill all these requirements in order to get accepted for this scholarship program. Only those students who fulfill these prerequisites can apply for the scholarship.

Remember, when you are planning to apply for any prestigious and honorable scholarship program, it is better you go through the details of the requirements beforehand. This will help you plan and prepare for the application process well. This is because apart from the requirements set for the applicants to fulfill, there are certain expectations of the sponsor that enhances the chances of winning the award money for the applicant who meets them. So, what you should do after analyzing whether you are eligible to apply for the scholarship program, is to find what the sponsor expects from the applicants.

SLU presidential scholarship program clearly states the requirements and the criteria on which the scholars are selected. You can prepare yourself in this regard so that you are able to beat other applicants and get chosen as the best candidate. This is not only the matter of financial aid; the honor that you will receive through this program will be unmatched and incomparable. To win any scholarship award money, you have to prepare keeping in mind the selection criteria and preferences of the sponsor. Fulfilling the requirements will only make you eligible to apply.

Remember, to win the award money you have to compete with the other applicants and beat them. Only after this you will have the chances of getting selected for the SLU presidential scholarship program. Just keep in mind that recognition of your achievements of the activities done within the campus will improve your chances of receiving the financial assistance even more.

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