Scholarships for Blacks – Opportunities for African American Students

Scholarships for Blacks – Opportunities for African American Students

There is huge amount of money sanctioned for college going students, you simply have to find them out. If you are an African American student, search for scholarships for blacks that are sponsored by public and private organizations. In addition to this, there is government and individual funding sources also that you can opt. Get in touch with your guidance counselor and concerned local authorities to find out what opportunities are open and available for students like you. There are virtually many scholarships available and you need to sort them out analyzing what abilities you have and whether you qualify for them or not.

Few scholarships for blacks

The Ron Brown Scholar Program – This is quite prestigious and very competitive award and is based on academic excellence, participation in community service, leadership potential and financial need as well. The finalists have to fly to Washington, DC where they have to attend a weekend selection process.

United Negro College Fund scholarships – This scholarships programs helps out thousands of African American students every year to attend the historical black colleges and universities. There are specific requirements and certain expectations that the applicants have to fulfill and only then they can apply for the scholarship program.

National Association for the Advancement of the Colored People scholarships – there are dozens of scholarships offered through this scholarship program. The deadlines of these scholarships vary. The students who wish to apply for this scholarship program must have GPA at least 2.5 and must meet the specific financial need guidelines to qualify to apply.

The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship program – This scholarship is also given on the basis of academic excellence, evidence of community interest and financial need and the award money is $7200 and is for high school seniors.

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund – The award money granted to winner students is about $2200 per semester. This is one of the scholarships for blacks and is awarded for attending historical black colleges and universities. Eligibility criteria are – must have 3.0 high school GPA, SAT score must be 1650 or ACT score must be 25 and a recommendation letter from your school.

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