Scholarship Cover Letter Sample – Professionally Written and Brief

More and more people are going to college these days just because of the availability of lots of scholarships and grants. The competition is high in applying and getting scholarship money also. If you wish to win any scholarship, the cover letter is the first thing that comes into the notice of the panel and so it should be impressive and persuasive as well. If you are looking for scholarship cover letter sample, here are some key factors that if you will keep in mind, you will be able to write a good cover letter for any scholarship you want to apply.

Tips to write cover letter for scholarships

  • Find out what the sponsor is looking for in the applicants and try to include those points or related points in the cover letter. Do not just list your achievements, mention some event or include something personal along with it.
  • If possible, find out the person who is going to read your cover letter. Do not write ‘to whom it may concern’ or ‘Dear sir or madam’. This is because it sounds like you have prepared a general letter for all scholarships and sent the copies to each scholarship committee. If you visit the website of the sponsor and search for the name of the person concerned, you might get or you can also call the sponsor’s office and find out.
  • Write a paragraph in which you should appreciate the intention of the scholarship and express your thankfulness that you are able to apply and get the financial assistance. Admire the good work that they are doing.
  • End your cover letter in such a way that it looks you are enthusiastic about winning the scholarship money and you are looking forward to that. Also thank the review committee for taking time to read your letter.

If you are able to keep in mind these tips and write separate cover letters for each scholarship, you will certainly be able to impress and persuade the selection panel with your short and professionally written cover letter without referring to scholarship cover letter sample.

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