Sample letters of recommendation for scholarship

Sample letters of recommendation for scholarship

Anyone who applies for a scholarship needs letters of recommendation from teachers or reputed personalities that know the applicant. Most people think that there is not much to learn about writing letters of recommendation. But these letters are gateway for the student and can make or break their chances of winning the scholarship award. So, if you are asked to submit letters of recommendation, you must go through the sample letters of recommendation for scholarship so that you get an idea about how to make your teacher write letters about you to help you get the scholarship money to accomplish your dream career.

If you are a teacher and you need to write recommendation letters for your students, make sure you write the letter keeping in mind few points. Help him get the scholarship money with your recommendation.

Your name



Street address

City, state, zip


The Scholarship Selection Committee

(Name of the foundation or sponsor)

City, state


I hereby recommend (name of the student) for the scholarship (name) award. I have known (student’s name) for past (4 years). He has been a student in our department. (Name of the student) has been a sincere and hard working student and has also been a source of inspiration for other students. He has won lots of prizes in academic as well as extracurricular activities (name them).

His achievements are all the more admirable because despite of the financial problems, he excelled in his field of education. He works part time to pay for the college. He has earned many top honors due to his sincerity and honesty.

I sincerely recommend (student’s name) for the scholarship (name of the program).




With the help of this, you can prepare your letter of recommendation. Make sure you mention your achievements giving examples and not just list them in the letter. Sample letters of recommendation for scholarship actually helps the student and the teacher or the respective person to write a perfect letter so that the applicant is able to get the award money and accomplish his academic dreams with the help of that.

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