ROTC Scholarships – Plan and Prepare Well before You apply

ROTC Scholarships – Plan and Prepare Well before You apply

Getting an ROTC scholarship is easy as well as hard, both. This is because the application process is automatic and simple but it is very difficult to qualify for it. It requires commitment and lot of effort. There are few guidelines that if you keep in mind right from the time you are studying in high school, you will have improved chances of winning the scholarship money. While you are in high school, stay away from drugs and other distractions and focus your attention in studies. Along with good grades, try to develop good study habits.

Selection of the right field of education is very important. Make sure you choose the one in which you feel you are confident to further your studies. Get in touch with a recruiter and gather all the information regarding the documents needed for the application process. You might have to undergo few tests and the key factor is that if you will do better, they will want you. Appear for the SAT or ACT tests in the year you have appeared for the college entrance and try to get good grades in both.

To apply for ROTC scholarships, you need to be physically fit. If possible join an ROTC unit when you are a high school junior. This can give you an added benefit when you try to apply for these scholarships to attend your college. To pass the fitness exam, you need to practice regularly at least one year before the test because this is not something that you can do in the last minute. Make the right kind of preparation and take care of your diet and habits too.

Select the right ROTC program because after finishing your education, you will have to give your service to the armed forces in that form. These services are either part time or short time depending on what you choose at the time of filling out the application form. ROTC scholarships are specific and provide not only the financial assistance to pay for the college, but also offers monthly stipend to cover other living and educational expenses too.

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