Rhodes Scholarship – Postgraduate Award to Students Studying at University of Oxford

Rhodes Scholarship – Postgraduate Award to Students Studying at University of Oxford

Rhodes scholarship is awarded to eligible and deserving students from eighteen countries to pursue education in University of Oxford. From the United States alone 32 students are selected. The applicant must be between the age group of eighteen and twenty- four and must be unmarried as well. The competitions are held in all the 50 states and the award money is provided for two years education and there are chances for renewal for the third year too depending on the performance of the student. The award money is sufficient for the tuition fees and also covers the living expenses of the student.

Although intellectual distinction is very important, it is not the only requirement. Find out the requirements and try to fulfill all of them. Along with academic excellence, the Rhodes scholars are expected to show qualities of character so that they can promise potential service to community and others. The best thing about this scholarship program is that no one is qualified or disqualified on the basis of race or religion. Also, the scholars are free to select any subject or field of education and so many students have entered a wide range of professional courses.

Rhodes scholarship was restricted to only male students till the year 1975. The changes in the British law permitted female students to participate in the competition. This is the reason why many women candidates have been benefited by this scholarship after that. This scholarship is, however, considered as the pioneer in the field of sponsors for international scholarships. The applicant must be having a desire to complete the post graduate program from the University of Oxford.

The Rhodes scholars are offered monthly stipend that help them cover living and accommodation expenses while the Rhodes Trust pays the fees for the colleges.  Not only this, the scholars are provided with access to the Rhodes House which has numerous public rooms, a library, gardens, a study area and lots of other facilities. It is a mansion of early twentieth century. So, whether you wish to pursue a master’s degree or attend a research program, you can apply for Rhodes scholarship program.

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