Oprah Winfrey Scholarship – Award Money for Attending College

Oprah Winfrey Scholarship – Award Money for Attending College

Oprah Winfrey scholarship is being offered to eligible and deserving students throughout the country and is being talked about a lot. This is, in fact, an endowment fund and this money is given to various organizations and colleges to support minority students complete their education. Each year a huge lot of money is being gives to various students that support them earn the degree of their choice. The scholarship is entirely need based and helps students who are in real need of financial assistance for the accomplishment of their academic dreams and needs.

To get more details about the Oprah Scholarship and even her grant opportunities go directly to the Grants Guys. You will find direct links on were to apply and a detailed description on whether or not you qualify.

This scholarship is perfect for the students who wish to earn a degree but do not have sufficient fund to do so. If you are also looking for financial assistance and funding options, look for the requirements of this scholarship program. See to it that you meet the qualifying factors so that you are eligible to apply for that scholarship program. You can look for this option on Internet or get in touch with your financial aid office. Here you will get complete information regarding the availability of the scholarship and its requirements. Do not forget to check out the deadline fixed for the application process.

Oprah Winfrey scholarship is looking for particularly specific students and so you can present your application form in that way. This is why it is essential to find out the requirements along with the expectations of the sponsor before you apply for the scholarship program. These scholarships are meant to allow more and more students opt for further studies. This is also because the rising cost of education has made many students drop their studies and discontinue it. Funding has become the most important and most noticeable point in attending college.

There are many categories and different scholarships under this program. You will have to select the one for which you qualify. It is important that the award money is enough to fulfill your requirements and meet educational needs. Make sure you read and understand the details of Oprah Winfrey scholarship program and then apply accordingly and successfully. Watch out the deadline and submit the application before that.

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  1. melat wube says:

    Dear Oprah I really need your help for my university tuition
    thank you so much

  2. Dahlia Bailey says:

    Please help my daughters.

  3. I am a 7 year two time breast cancer survivor and I could use some help with my tuition. I am currently unemployed but with the help of family, I am trying to stay in school and become a nurse. Anything would help.
    Thank you,
    Stacy Gilbert

  4. kasiym bethea says:

    Can you please send me information about the scholarship and how you apply.



  6. Shani Brewer says:

    Dear Oprah
    For as long as I can remember, I have always aspired to help people. I have been the friend that everyone goes to for support, the stranger that helps you pick up your fallen papers in the hallway, the passerby that puts change in your cup and the caregiver to the children who need someone to admire. And though it took 17 years of my life time to finally figure out what I wanted to be, I feel fully accomplished to have found my dream career, to be a teacher, an educator, a role model through academics. To be that rock for a person who is unstable, to teach those who say they cannot learn, to be that voice of reason when life gets hard, to be a friend to those who need it. With research I realized that a tremendous amount of students in other countries are not getting the same type of teaching as most of us Americans do; I want to be that teacher that a child has never had before, to be a teacher that cares not just about education but the individual. I feel that your scholarship would provide me with that ability to jumpstart my future through a college education, that I can begin my quest to teach through a heart of excellence, with a bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language.
    In high school, I came to the realization that I wanted to teach. I had the opportunity to work with two-year old children at my local daycare center, for my Child Care Management course. Every Monday and Wednesday, I went back to the classroom, it was the most welcoming warm spot in my heart; being needed, beloved and un-judged by those children. I taught them as my mother and father taught me, to “be the best you, you can be” and that “Impossibilities are just the same as it is possible”. Teaching those children was the most unforgettable accomplishment, to know that the words you say help children to grow, and to go through life a little easier, with the understanding that someone cares. As a child, I was raised predominantly without my older half siblings and without a younger sibling to inspire. Even as a child, I always wanted to be that big sister that my little brother or sister could call their role model.
    By observing my mother as a preschool teacher and child development enthusiasts, I tried my hand at taking child development courses in High School. So far, I have taken two courses, earned one-and-a-half credits in child developmental studies and worked over 30 hours at Mary’s Little Lamb child care center through my junior year through participating in this program I earned my ACE Arkansas Department of Career Education Certificate of Completion as a Child Care Aide. Other experiences working as a Leader in Training (LIT) at my local YMCA summer camp (children 4 to 12 years old), I accumulated about 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for two and a half months over two consecutive summers. Also lending a hand at my mother’s job a local preschool, where I worked with 4 year olds at the age of 13 years old. Currently, I am applying to my local daycare centers for a part time job as a teacher’s aide additionally to my upcoming senior year I’ll be taking two AP courses including psychology, and three dual enrollment courses including; Introduction to Teaching. Unfortunately my family cannot afford to pay for my further education after high school, so I hope my dedication to education and my drive to strive as a future educator will help me pay for my four years of college.

    Your life story speaks volumes to me. Similar you I want to be help as many people as I can, and allow I may never have as much money as you, but with my faith and my continuous blessings I will help the new-shaping world through the power of education. And to reach my goal, I need as much help as you can grant me. I have to the encouragement of my family and knowing in my heart that without your scholarship, my dream may never be realized. I hope that you can help me reach this dream of mine by awarding me with your scholarship, so that not one more classroom will be waiting.

    “People say the sky is the limit, good thing I have wings”
    -Shani Brewer
    “Be the role model you always wanted”
    -Shani Brewer
    “Future Focused, Career Oriented, Dream Driven”
    -Shani Brewer

  7. I am requesting information and how to apply.

  8. Emily Garcia says:

    Requesting information on how to apply?

  9. Mercedes Harris says:

    Hi Oprah I’m trying to be the first in my family to go to college can you help me.

  10. Tony Mckinney says:

    I am respectfully requesting financial help for my daughter, Khadeja Mckinney. She is a freshman at the university of Alabama. She is a national honor society member, she is majoring in international business. She needs about $8,000 to pay the remaining tuition balance for this fall and the upcoming spring semester. Please help me/her/us. Thank you in advance.

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