NROTC Scholarship Application – Apply Online

NROTC scholarship application can be easily made by visiting the website of the Navy. NROTC or Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps programs are quite famous and many new Navy and Corps officers are recruited through these programs. There are many schools that have NROTC units and many are affiliated to it. The winners of these scholarships receive full tuition coverage for the entire four years of his degree. Just like all other scholarships and financial aids, these scholarships are also associated with some requirements. In addition to this, there are some conditions attached to this scholarship program also.

Before applying for any NROTC scholarship, there are certain things that you will have to decide. If you win the scholarship you will have to serve as an unrestricted line officer in the Marine or Navy Corps after finishing your education. There are certain career options like aviation, submarine, surface and special welfare communities that you can choose from. You have to choose Navy or Marine option as well. Next point is that you will have to apply for any of those colleges that have NROTC programs and you have to get accepted there.

Visit the Navy’s website and fill out the NROTC scholarship application form and submit it online. Take the ACT or SAT tests in the year you wish to enter the college. There is minimum test score requirement in Navy and Marine separately. But remember, the applicants have much higher scores and so you must take care and try to get as high as possible. Read the application process and follow the instructions accurately and properly. You have to give a description of your extracurricular activities and leadership qualities along with your transcripts and letters of recommendations as well.

Remember, when you have opted for NROTC scholarship application, you have to stay fit and pass the medical test. So, stay fit by running and doing some conditioning exercise. Make sure you provide any follow up information necessary and then wait patiently for the results. If you follow these guidelines, your chances of winning the NROTC scholarship will be high.

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