National Merit Scholarship Program – Tips to Qualify and Win

National Merit Scholarship Program – Tips to Qualify and Win

National Merit Scholarship program is a competition through which academically excellent students get recognized and then offered funding for their college education. These scholarships are administered by National Merit Scholarship Corporation. This is a non profit organization and the find received is from private resources. There are two competitions arranged and the students who meet the primary requirements can apply for one of the scholarship program and appear for the competition. There is one competition held specifically for African American students and only these students can participate in this competition.

If you are interested to compete and win the National Merit Scholarship money, you should keep in mind few tips. These will help you have enhanced chances of winning the award money. The best way to enter into this scholarship program is to take the PSAT or NMSQT test when you are a high school junior student. You should be the citizen of The United States or must have applied for permanent residency with an intention to become a citizen as soon as possible. When you are taking the PSAT test, answer all the question related to the National Merit Scholarship qualifications. If you find any error in the score report, you are free to inform the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Winning the National Merit Scholarship program will be easier for you if you are able to earn a score in PSAT that keeps you in first 50,000 students on national level. In fact, this will immediately qualify you for the scholarship program. The next step will be an invitation from the corporation and here you will have to mention names of two colleges or universities that you would prefer to attend. When you are in senior year, you will receive an email in September if you are selected as the semi-finalist scholar.

In case your name is not in the semi-finalists’ list, you can ask your guidance councilor for the list of scholarships that are available for Commended Students. You can become a National Merit Scholar only when you fill out the application for National Merit Scholarship program and submit it before due date.

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