National Honor Society Scholarship – For Outstanding Students

National Honor Society Scholarship – For Outstanding Students

National honor society scholarship is awarded to outstanding students of high school junior and senior classes. These scholarships are based on four different categories – character, scholarship, leadership and service. The students that are chosen for the scholarship award money have to be all rounder and exhibit all these four qualities in them. The members of the NHS can be nominated for two different categories and they can apply for one scholarship based on recognition of community service also. Other than scholarships, there are many benefits of joining the National Honor Society.


Considering the scholarships and their application process, the applicants must know that there are specific expectations of the sponsoring organization that every applicant has to fulfill in order to be eligible and acceptable. These scholarships are not applied directly by the students but their chapter teachers nominate them for their excellent and outstanding academic performance. There is scholarship awarded at the state level as well as on national level too. No matter what scholarship award you apply for, you must go through the details thoroughly and then see that you are able to meet all standards set by the sponsoring organization.


National honor society scholarship is awarded to students who get nominated by their teachers or the principal. Some of the scholarships awards are announced in collaboration with other sponsoring units. When you are applying for a scholarship program, it is very important that you see whether the award money is sufficient to cover your scholastic needs or not. This is important so that you can analyze whether you will be relaxed during the entire two years or four years of acquiring the degree or you will have to look for funding options again next year.


Many scholarship programs provide the award money to the students for the entire course period while some offered the facility to get the scholarship money renewed every year provided the scholar maintains a level of academic performance. Learn about the National honor society scholarship that you want to apply and then complete the application procedure following the instructions. Request your principal to nominate you if you deserve it.

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