Military Dependent Scholarships

With the cost of an education rising each year, it is more important than ever for students wishing to attend college find financial aid to assist them with those costs.  Scholarships and grants are a fundamental source of aid that qualifying applicants can use to help pay for their college educations.  Many students have parents or guardians that are currently on active duty, or have retired from military service.  Those students should consider applying for any military dependent scholarships they qualify for.

There are many different types of scholarships and awards that are offered each year and the qualifications vary somewhat for each one.  Some require essays, some are merit based, some are need based, and many have a minimum GPA requirement.  Students applying for assistance should carefully review all of the criteria.  Military dependents will need to provide information related to the service of their parent.

Park University is designed with military personnel and their families in mind.  There are campuses located in many areas of the country and the schools have several different types of scholarships available.  Awards are offered to active military members, their spouses and dependents, as well as retired service members.

Military dependent scholarships are often offered by the various branches of the service.  One such example is the Air Force Sergeants Association and Airmen Memorial Foundation.  This financial assistance is available to the dependents of the Total Air Force, including active duty and reserve members.  The aid offered ranges from $500 to $3000 depending on how much money is available each year, but so far more than $1.3 million dollars has been given out over the years.

The Fisher House Foundation recently awarded 670 scholarships to the dependents of active or retired personnel through the Military Children Program.  Each award was for $1500.  This foundation has several other types of scholarships and grants available as well.

Another program that has military dependent scholarships available is ThanksUSA.  These awards are managed by Scholarship America and are designated for spouses and dependents of US military members.  The amount of the award is $3000 for first time undergraduate studies. Students should verify all eligibility requirements before applying.  The application deadline is in mid May.

These are just a few of the awards offered in the form of military dependent scholarships.  Each student should thoroughly search for funds from all of the various sources out there.  School counselors, military base information boards, the colleges themselves, and local clubs and businesses are all good places to find information regarding college tuition assistance.

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