JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship – Grants for High School Graduates

JCI senate foundation scholarship awards are given to only those high school graduating students who are eligible and have plans to continue their education. The award money is $1000 and the student has to get enrolled in an accredited post secondary school, any college, university or vocational schools. The enrollment has to be as a full time student. The Foundation decides about the number of awards that will be granted every year and the scholarship money has to be used in for covering educational expenses in the first year of the study.

There are requirements set for the students who wish to apply for this scholarship program. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen and must have graduated from U.S. accredited school. This also includes home schools, cyber schools as well as overseas U.S. approved schools. The application forms are distributed in schools during September to November of each year. The deadline of submission varies from state to state and this can be from December 1 to January 15 of the coming year. A panel of judges reviews the applications and the selected ones are then sent to the Foundation.

JCI senate foundation scholarship is more than award money. It is an honor for the student. There is no limit set for the application and so any number of students who fulfill the eligibility criteria can apply for the scholarship program. If you are a student and wish to win this award money, what you need to do is plan and prepare well for the application process. Put your best foot forward and then have a positive attitude as well. If you have learned about the requirements at least one year before applying, you have enough time to make necessary preparations.

No matter to what scholarship program you apply, you must find out about the award amount so that to make certain that it will help you complete your education without any financial burden. If you wish to apply for JCI senate foundation scholarship, visit the legitimate website of the sponsor and gather basic and obligatory information and follow the instructions.

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