Is Michigan Promise Scholarship Available Today?

Michigan promise scholarship is a state grant provided to Michigan students who have completed their two years of post secondary education and have secured GPA of 2.5 or higher. The main intention behind creating this scholarship program is to encourage and support more and more Michigan students to attend college. This has also increased the number of students in Michigan schools. However, due to the economic crisis the scholarship program had to be suspended for few years. The economic recession that hit the entire country and the world in the later half of the year 2008 has left people and government in huge financial crisis.

No matter whether you are able to apply for this scholarship or not, there are other scholarships that you can take advantage of. As a student you need to search for as many financial aids as possible. Make sure they match with your capabilities and then you qualify to apply for them. Learn about the basics of scholarships that you want to apply. This is because they come in various forms and they are considered free money that helps students attend college without any financial burden.

Unfortunately Michigan promise scholarship has been withdrawn by the Michigan Senate for the time being. There are plans for some alternative financial assistance for the eligible and deserving students. If you are a student living in Michigan and you have the desire and dedication to complete your higher education, you can look for other alternatives also. There are several need based scholarships also that are funded by private organizations and foundations. If you are eligible to apply for any of them, go ahead and apply for the scholarships fulfilling and requirements.

When you are a dedicated student and suffering from financial crunch too, you should not overlook any option that can provide you financial support for your education. Always remember what your objective is and then direct your search in that way. It does not matter if Michigan promise scholarship is not available for you today. You still have options. Just stay focused and carry on your search with direction and using sidetracks too.

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