Ingenesis Medical Staffing Scholarship Program

Ingenesis medical staffing scholarship program is awarded to the students who have a desire to opt for a nursing career and are dedicated to serve the patients especially those who are fighting with cancer. This scholarship program is in the name of a nurse who worked in InGenesis selflessly and gave warm hearted personal care to the patients who were struggling with cancer. She was herself struggling for survival and this she kept secret throughout her life. She was awarded ‘Health Care Hero’ posthumously. She had died after a long battle with cancer.

The scholarship program was started in the year 2007, the year in which Talitha Karstens died. This scholarship program is awarded to the applicant who is found to be dedicated and committed to opt for nursing career which is not for the sake of earning money or to opt a career just like any other one to earn the living. The applicant is expected to have devotion and keenness to serve sick people and must have motivation and inspiration behind choosing nursing as her career. The candidate who is selected is judged by the essay that she produces along with the application form.

If you too have devotion for the nursing career and have a commitment to offer selfless and compassionate service to other people, Ingenesis medical staffing scholarship program will help you achieve your goal. Nursing is a very noble career and needs lot of patience and perseverance. You have to forget about yourself and your emotions when you are serving a sick person. It is not just giving medicines and doing your duty as a nurse. The real help to mankind is when you try to keep your patients happy, stress free and positive.

Cancer patients need more stimulation and encouragement as they have to fight the disease knowing that they will die sooner or later. If you are ready to serve these people and dedicate your life helping them, Ingenesis medical staffing scholarship program is ready to support you financially and morally so that you are able to complete your education and training to become a good and well trained nurse.

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