Information Assurance Scholarship Program DoD

Information assurance scholarship program dod is intended to provided financial assistance to students who are interested in pursuing concentrated studies in information assurance. The main intention of sponsoring students interested in pursuing career in this direction is to promote the education, preservation and recruitment of professionals in information assurance and security sector. This is a job of great responsibility and individuals need to be very careful at every step this is the reason why proper training and education is needed to become the appropriate professional.

The benefits of applying for this scholarship program are that the winners receive the award money to pay for the full tuition and also cover other expenses along with books. In addition to this the scholars receive $14,000 as stipend per year and this becomes $19,000 for graduate students. After completing the training and education you have to fulfill a period of service with the Department of Defense in Washington D.C. after this, you get an excellent opportunity to opt for any job in the agencies and components related to the Department of Defense. You can find out and weigh all this up before you apply for this scholarship program.

Information assurance scholarship program dod is a specific program and so are the requirements set for this program. If you are interested in this education and training program, it is better you learn the background and requirements right from the legitimate website of the Department of Defense. Gather first hand information from here and see whether you are eligible to apply for this scholarship program or not. If you are not eligible for any reason, there is no use applying for this financial aid program. You can request a copy of the update application from by emailing on the provided email address on the website.

When you are applying for information assurance scholarship program dod, you will have to submit two reference letters, one from the faculty member and one from the supervisor along with official copies of your transcript and your current and updated resume. Watch out the deadline and submit your application along with the documents before that.

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