Graduate School Scholarships

Graduate School Scholarships

For many students studies till undergraduate levels are not sufficient, hence they aim to pursue for higher studies, that is, graduate studies. With stint fees at undergraduate levels, graduate and PhD studies are relatively expensive. Without graduate school scholarships, it is extremely arduous to pay for a graduate school. Therefore, thousands of graduates search Google and explore their respective graduate school’s financial aid websites or offices to avail graduate school scholarships. If you are one of these aspirants then you must know that most of the scholarship programs target undergraduate level studies. Although, graduate school scholarships are not difficult to avail, but they may not cover your whole tuition fees and other expenses and hence in many cases, you are required to work as teacher assistants at your graduate school, and such assistance is called research fellowship. In such a type of graduate school scholarships, you are required to aid a professor in his research or perform minor teaching tasks such as supervising a lab etc.

Graduate school scholarships are generally field centric. For example, nanotechnology is rapidly evolving and many companies such as medical industry is expecting a nano-era. Hence they offer multiple graduate school scholarships for whoever is applying for this field. Similarly, Federal Cyber Service offers graduate school scholarships for undergraduates pursuing studies in cyber security related fields. Similarly, there are graduate school scholarships available if you are a minority or woman. Such offers are made to multiply the participation of these sects and communication in a nation’s progress. National Physical Science Consortium is one source of graduate school scholarships for women and minority groups.

If you are not a US citizen, then US offers graduate school scholarships under the Fulbright Program in 140 countries for fifteen hundred students. Such scholarship programs are aimed at strengthening political ties with these countries and the development of their human resource. These grants are available in all fields and graduate programs and can be availed through US embassy or through their respective government institutions.

Besides graduate school scholarships being offered by private, governmental and public sectors, most of the universities also offer fee waivers for exceptional and needy applicants. Such scholarship opportunities are available with Chicago Graduate School of Business and other universities. With opportunities present, it all narrows down to your level of motivation to find graduate school scholarships.

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