Goldwater Scholarship – For Students Interested In Pursuing Engineering

Several scholarships are available today for students to pursue education in different fields. Some are general scholarships while others are specific and created for specific field of education. These specific scholarships are to cater certain particular majors and engineering is one of them. Goldwater scholarship awards are given to students who want to study engineering as well as science and math. 300 students are awarded scholarship money every year the maximum amount given is $7500.00. This scholarship can be applied by students living anywhere in the United States.

The only thing that is typical about this scholarship is that you cannot apply for this scholarship yourself. You have to be a junior or senior of an accredited college and one of your faculty members of your college or university that you attend should nominate you. There are certain specific requirements that you need to fulfill and expectations that you have to meet so that you are eligible and you qualify for the scholarship program. The faculty members help their nominees to qualify for the scholarship program.

Though Goldwater scholarship is not applied directly, you can request your faculty member to nominate you if you find that you are suitable candidate for the financial aid. You must learn about the financial assistance program and see that you qualify or not. Go through the terms and conditions and then make sure you find yourself fit for the scholarship. If you are able to find out the details much before the time eligible students are nominated, you can improve the qualities that are essential and important for this scholarship program.

Goldwater scholarship money will cover all your educational expenses along with room and board. So, even if you need to do some preparations to get nominated, it is all worth it. Just keep in mind that this scholarship is not transferable and if you are going to study in a particular college for 2 years, you will be able to get the benefit of this scholarship for only 2 years. You can find out the details of this scholarship from the faculty members of your college or university.

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  1. zubair shuaib sani says:

    my name is shuaib a student of ibrahim badamasi babangida university lapai,department of geography and geology 200level, i wish to continue my study in abroad under engineering,i will be grateful if u consider my request to study in abroad. thanks

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