Fullbright Scholarship – Qualify and Apply

Fullbright Scholarship – Qualify and Apply

Fullbright scholarship program are considered prestigious and are carried out in 50 countries with the help of many organizations. In United States, this scholarship program is administered by the U.S Department of States. The main intention of this scholarship program is to promote educational advancement with the help of international service. To apply for this scholarship program, you need to fulfill many requirements and so for this you need to know about them first. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree when he or she is going to apply for this scholarship.

The applicants have to be U.S citizen and must be familiar with the language of the country where they are going to study. At times undergraduate students with extensive experience are also considered. However the applicant must be healthy overall when applying for this scholarship. The application has to be submitted on the legitimate Fulbright website along with the essays written properly and the supporting documents. There are two categories in which the applicants fall and they are research and study in a distant country or English teaching aid.

Fulbright Foundation decides to give the scholars full or partial funding through Fullbright scholarship. The main aim of this foundation is to carry on the work of exchange of scholars between the countries. This is a great way to know and learn about the cultures of two different countries. This also brings diversity in the college campus increasing the positive interaction of students among themselves. The only limitation for applying for this scholarship is that employees of the state department, direct or indirect, cannot apply for this scholarship program.

If any person has been living outside the United States for more than 5 years, he is ineligible to apply for this scholarship program. If you are interested to apply, you must keep in mind that only best and brightest candidates are selected. You have to put your best foot forward so that you fulfill the expectations and compete with other applicants also. Although there is no such minimum GPA for Fullbright scholarship, the students have to specify an outline describing the area of study that they are going to pursue abroad.

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