Fulbright scholarship for Pakistani citizens

Fulbright scholarship for Pakistani citizens

The main intention of the Fulbright scholarship programs were to improve relationship and promote peace and understanding through educational exchange programs. It was created in the repercussion of the Second World War and is available for students who wish to pursue education in various fields of education listed there. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan offers Fulbright scholarships for Pakistani citizens along with funding from USAID. This program provides the fund for the completion of four years of graduate study for those students who want to pursue the degree from the United States and continue for a PhD Degree as well.

This program is available for any student who has a desire to complete the coursework and either include the research work towards achieving a PhD Degree or directly opt for a PhD Degree. In fact, the candidates that are selected under this program are expected to share their experiences and culture with the students of the United States of their institution. They are also expected to interact and mingle with the community groups although students of all fields of education are welcome to apply for this scholarship, preferences are given to students of science and technology, agriculture, economics, health, finance and those fields that are significant for the socio-economic development of Pakistan.

Fulbright scholarship for Pakistani citizens is given to students who are dedicated to serve Pakistan after the completion of their education. Those who qualify for the program and they have more than two years of work experience and research in their specific field they can apply for this program. These applicants have better chances of getting approved and winning the award money. The applicant must have strong academic background and must have completed 18 years of formal education from an accredited university.

Just keep in mind that if you are interested to apply for Fulbright scholarship for Pakistani citizens, you will have to submit the GRE and TOFLE score along with the application form. If you are going to appear for the exam after the deadline of the application, you need to attach the proof of registration along with the application form.

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