Fulbright scholarship – All you wanted to know

Fulbright scholarship – All you wanted to know

Fulbright scholarship programs are very prestigious and are awarded to only the brightest candidates. The eligibility criteria of the application procedure are also very strict and specific. The main reason behind this is that the selected and awarded scholars have to travel to more than 125 countries to lecture and for accomplishment of academic research programs. There are different types of scholarship programs under this and depending on the requirement and eligibility of the candidate, the selection is made. At the same time, the applicant has to meet all the requirements and expectations of the scholarship program.

The first thing that is considered is only citizens of the United States are eligible to apply. There are many clauses in this condition also and if you are interested to apply for this scholarship, you will have to go through the details and see whether you are eligible or not. The next thing is that the applicant must have at least a bachelor’s degree in any field of education. However, students with doctoral degree are not eligible. He must be fluent in the foreign language. Fullbright teachers must be fluent in English.

Candidates applying for Fulbright scholarship program must have some teaching experience also. The only thing is that there is no minimum GPA required to apply for this scholarship program. If you are applying for some research program, your proposal must include all educational details and professional objectives. You must also mention what the world community will benefit from your research work once it is completed. In addition to all this, the applicant has to provide a medical certificate that must be from a licensed doctor proving that the applicant is mentally and physically sound.

If you find yourself fulfilling all the eligibility criteria, you must visit the Fulbright website and submit the application form there. Along with it, you need to complete references and essays as well as any supporting document if asked. There are two main categories of Fulbright scholarship program – research and study. You can apply for any one or both the categories. You will receive either full or partial financial support through this program.

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