Dell Scholarships – Determine Your Eligibility and Apply Successfully

Dell Scholarships – Determine Your Eligibility and Apply Successfully

Dell scholarships are funded by Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. If you are a high school student preparing to attend college and you need financial assistance for it, you can apply for this scholarship program. To be eligible for this scholarship you will have to get enrolled with a College Readiness Program. If you are a high school junior and suffering from financial need, you can enroll with this program. You must also take care that the College Readiness Program that you enroll with is approved by the foundation.

There are always new programs that are submitted for recognition and many of them are approved as well. The college readiness program has numerous benefits along with making you eligible to apply for various need based scholarship programs. These programs also encourage students to participate in different activities and cope with the high level course work that the applicant has to cover during the college education. Since the program is run for the benefits of disadvantaged students, the intention of the program is to encourage student participate in different socioeconomic activities.

When you have planned to apply for dell scholarships, make sure you are well aware of the requirements set for the program. You must be a U.S citizen or a permanent resident and enrolled with College Readiness Program for at least past 2 years. You must have a GPA of at least 2.4 and you must meet the prerequisites set for the Federal Pell Grant as well. In addition to all this, the applicant must be committed to complete 2 or 4 year degree course from an accredited college or university. The dell scholars are also expected to set future goals and do their best to achieve them.

Apply for the scholarship before deadline which is normally November of the applicant’s senior year and the notification is provided by the January of the coming year. The award money offered through dell scholarships are sufficient to meet the tuition, books, room and even for internship programs. The award money is sometimes offered for eligible and deserving students to study abroad too.

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