Red Hair and Freckles Scholarships – Are They Really Available?

You must be surprised to learn that there are scholarships for typical and weird qualities or characteristics and marks found on people. Red hair and freckles scholarships are also examples of these unusual scholarship programs. Today, paying for college is challenging and most of the students find this unaffordable (more…)

Crazy Scholarships – Funny yet They Provide Fund for Your Education

Till today there are many people who believe that scholarships are provided to students who excel in studies or are at the top of there school or in any subject. However, this misconception is being wiped out by the recent involvement of public and private organizations (more…)

Weird Unknown Scholarships – Strange Scholarships for College Students

If you are searching for financial aids to complete your financial package to cover all the expenses related to your higher education, you can try weird unknown scholarships. There are hundreds of such scholarships that are weird and unknown to most of the students. Give some time and put in (more…)

Weird Scholarships

When you will start looking for scholarships, you will be surprised to know that there are thousands of weird scholarships available. Do not think that all of them require extremely typical and rare qualities in applicants. There are some that are weird but can be found in many students. Do not just rule out these strange scholarships simply thinking that you will not be able to qualify for them. Thousands of scholarships are available and some of them will definitely match with your abilities. Some of these scholarships have specific criteria to qualify. Just go through the details and see whether you are eligible or not. (more…)