Attention Deficit Disorder Scholarships and Grants

When you are looking for attention deficit disorder scholarships and grants, do not forget to consider the scholarships and grants available for students with learning disability. Also, you can look for privately funded scholarships and grants that do not have anything to do with any disorder or disability in students. (more…)

List of Unusual Scholarship – Choose the Appropriate One

When you think of scholarships, what comes in your mind? If you are thinking like many other people, you must be in the impression that scholarships are meant for brilliant and excellent students only. This is a common misconception that still prevails in minds of many students and their (more…)

Crazy Scholarships – Funny yet They Provide Fund for Your Education

Till today there are many people who believe that scholarships are provided to students who excel in studies or are at the top of there school or in any subject. However, this misconception is being wiped out by the recent involvement of public and private organizations (more…)

Unusual Scholarships – Take Advantage of the Weird Qualities in You

Most of the people when think about scholarships imagine a student who is either a topper or has extremely high GPA, is extraordinarily smart and has almost all good qualities that can be imagined. However, there are certain scholarships that require students to be an all rounder. But (more…)