Fullbright Scholarship – Qualify and Apply

Fullbright scholarship program are considered prestigious and are carried out in 50 countries with the help of many organizations. In United States, this scholarship program is administered by the U.S Department of States. The main intention of this scholarship program is to promote (more…)

Fulbright scholarship – All you wanted to know

Fulbright scholarship programs are very prestigious and are awarded to only the brightest candidates. The eligibility criteria of the application procedure are also very strict and specific. The main reason behind this is that the selected and awarded scholars have to travel to more than 125 countries to lecture and for accomplishment of academic research programs. There are different types of scholarship programs under this and depending on the requirement and eligibility of the candidate, the selection is made. At the same time, the applicant has to meet all the requirements and expectations of the scholarship program. (more…)