Grants and Scholarships in Theological Seminaries

Grants and scholarships in theological seminars can be availed for those who wish to pursue education in theology or other subjects. Since there are numerous theological seminars held (more…)

Oil Can Henry and Scholarship 2010

Oil Can Henry and scholarship 2010 was considered an important event because there are indications that Oil Can Henry scholarships are probably being included to the unclaimed scholarships category. (more…)

Goldwater Scholarship – For Students Interested In Pursuing Engineering

Several scholarships are available today for students to pursue education in different fields. Some are general scholarships while others are specific and created for specific field of education. These specific scholarships are to cater certain particular majors and engineering is one of them. Goldwater scholarship awards are given to students who want to study engineering as well as science and math. (more…)

Engineering Scholarships – Free Financial Assistance for Engineering Students

Engineering scholarships are available to help engineering students complete their studies without financial burden. Various organizations and foundations along with government agencies and universities offer scholarships for engineering students. There are some requirements and some conditions to (more…)